Macca’s addict loses 31kg weight without exercise

A former junk meals addict says she now seems to be and feels 10 years youthful, after she misplaced 31kg without the help of a strict exercise routine.

Irene Roman, from Newcastle in NSW, was hooked on McDonald’s, KFC and junk meals for years, however managed to ditch her behavior and rework her physique for the higher.

She now says individuals barely recognise her and is lastly capable of put on clothes and skirts for the primary time in her life.

Just 18 months in the past, Irene tipped the scales at about 86kg, and her wardrobe was overflowing with dimension 18 garments.


The 45-year-old Aussie mentioned she placed on lots of weight over plenty of years, resulting from an insatiable dependancy to junk meals.

“I’ve always been a chubby kid throughout my teenage years,” Irene mentioned.

“When I started working in childcare, I always skipped breakfast and didn’t start eating until lunch time. I’d binge on junk food throughout the day.”

This dependancy noticed Irene binge on greasy takeaway meals, chocolate, truffles, chips and a 1.25 litre bottle of coke zero on daily basis.

“I used to eat a lot of unhealthy high fat food and could finish 1.25L of Coke Zero in a day,” Irene mentioned.

“I would drive through McDonald’s to eat a large burger meal with hot chips, and would eat again at home for a second dinner.”

After her second dinner at dwelling, Irene would bask in one other spherical of binge consuming which often concerned “cakes, chocolate and chips”.

“I’d have so many calories in a day and was not exercising at all,” she mentioned.

“A lot of it was comfort and boredom eating.”


In November, 2017, Irene, who works within the childcare trade, mentioned she was sick of “hating” her reflection within the mirror and determined to make a change as soon as and for all.

She utterly overhauled her weight loss plan and give up her unhealthy junk meals behavior for good.

Just one yr later, by means of unbelievable dedication, Irene managed to lose a staggering 31kg and 4 gown sizes.

She mentioned she is now extra assured than ever, flaunting her model new 55kg, dimension eight determine.

Irene shared her diets from earlier than and after her physique transformation, detailing the drastic modifications she made to her meal plan.


Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: Large takeaway burger meal with fries or a big portion of high-fat Chinese meals

Dinner: Another takeaway meal or a big home-cooked meal heavy on carbs.

Snacks: Chocolate, potato chips, fries, truffles, cheese and Coke Zero.


Breakfast: Coffee with a bit of fruit

Lunch: Chicken or tuna salad

Dinner: Lean meat with greens, resembling bolognese with zucchini noodles.

Snacks: Fruit, tuna and lemon-infused water.

Now, Irene’s model new look attracts a number of compliments from individuals who inform her she seems to be a lot youthful now, after having misplaced a lot weight.

She has even bee capable of throw out her total previous wardrobe of dimension 16-18 garments, which consisted largely of dishevelled denims and free shirts.

Instead, she has changed all of them with female, flirty and figure-hugging skirts and clothes — one thing which she very hardly ever wore earlier than in her life.


According to Irene, at her heaviest, she didn’t really feel engaging and “hated shopping because nothing ever fitted properly”.

“But now there are so many more options. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe and start over again,” she mentioned.

Irene mentioned not solely do individuals say she seems to be youthful, however she feels a lot youthful than her 45 years, too.

“The weight loss certainly took a few years off, which is always a good thing. People often are not sure of how old I actually am,” she mentioned.

“People said I looked younger and they didn’t even recognise me when they saw me again after losing the weight.”

She mentioned she by no means used to put on revealing or determine hugging garments as a result of she struggled together with her self esteem.

“(I would wear skirts and dresses), only very rarely on special occasions such as weddings or when I absolutely had to,” she mentioned.

“I hated the way I looked in them, and I felt they just made me look even bigger. I wasn’t comfortable in them at all.”

Now, skirts and clothes are an everyday a part of Irene’s wardrobe.


Irene mentioned her weight loss journey was assisted by the Slim By Nature detox and fats burning program.

The program offers wholesome consuming plans to shed weight naturally.

“Nowadays, I’ll usually make myself a cup of coffee and eat a fruit snack in the morning,” Irene mentioned.

“Lunch is often rooster, a salad, or tuna. I now eat an apple for a day snack, together with a cup of tea. No extra McDonalds or KFC.

“Dinner is a mix of meat and greens, one thing like wholesome minced bolognese with zucchini noodles.”

The most shocking factor of all is that Irene hardly ever exercised throughout her interval of transformation.

“I never go to the gym or do crazy workouts. I lost all my weight through healthy eating and changing my mindset,” she mentioned.

Irene mentioned she is happier than she has ever been and by no means needs to return to how she was earlier than her inspirational physique transformation.

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